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Best ayurvedic treatments in Trivandrum

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Expert Ayurvedic Treatment for All Ailments!

Ayurveda is the science that stood the test of time. It was invented through many generations of committed and focused study of human beings and Nature and their relation. It teaches man to be in communion with his world.

Ayurveda is a branch of science that has never stopped evolving. It kept on updating itself to the new and changing realities. That is why, Ayurveda is still in reckoning among the discerning audience. That is how, Ayurveda makes itself relevant as a treatment protocol even today. Ayur Avani brings together the best in the Ayurveda to offer treatment to all ailments, especially those caused by the modern lifestyle. True to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Ayur Avani addresses the disease and makes the body healthy.

Making the body stronger to counter the ailment is as important as identification of the cause of ailments. This is what the sages have found out centuries ago. Their wisdom, distilled to perfection through modern knowledge, is what makes Ayur Avani the most trusted destination for wellness solutions. This is what makes Ayur Avani special. And different.

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Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Ayur Avani is where multiple streams of treatment come together!

Master of Cure

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is manifested in its purest form!

Experience Counts

Most experienced physicians and doctors are at service at Ayur Avani!

Online Consultation

The most accessible service ever for Ayurveda treatment for diagnosis and treatment!!

What our patients say

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Ayur Avani Ayurveda Hospital and Marma Institute was a revelation for me. Not only did they cure me of my ailments, but also initiated me to the wonderful world of Ayurveda.

Kolinkova Kristyna, Czech Republic
Best ayurvedic treatments in Trivandrum

I tried almost all modern medicines and yet could not get over pains caused by disc slip. One full treatment protocol at Ayur Avani did the magic for me. It returned my life to me.

Antoni Jozef, Poland
Best ayurvedic treatments in Trivandrum

You have to be here in Ayur Avani to feel the difference. It is amazing to see how they have adapted an ancient system of treatment to suit modern sensibilities and demands of present age.

Jolanta Romualda, Poland

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Best ayurvedic treatments in Trivandrum

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Best ayurvedic treatments in Trivandrum

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Best ayurvedic treatments in Trivandrum

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