Stress and depression are natural for the modern lifestyle. Treatment of depression is a specialised wing in allopathy, thanks to the exponential increase in the number of cases. But another issue that haunts the medical scene is that most of the medicines used in the treatment of depression are found to have strong side effects.

As it is with most other treatments, allopathy focus on a cure by focussing on the illness. This could be one reason why depression patients treated using modern medicines experience a recurrence or relapse. Modern medicines subdue the factors that lead to depression.

In contrast, Ayurveda works on the whole body system. Ayurveda works on the principle that the wellness of human body depends on the balance achieved for basic components that make up the body. Along with restoring the natural balance of the body, Ayurveda works towards raising the overall level of internal contentment. This helps to prevent relapse.

Ayurveda way of Dealing stress

In comparison to modern medicines, Ayurveda medicines are found to have faster results in the battle against depression. That too without any side effects. The Ayurveda protocol of treatment is being accepted as the best and natural antidote to depression.

From the Ayurveda perspective, depression is caused by the imbalance in three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The most common symptom is Kapha imbalance, which aggravates Vata first and then Pitta to go out of balance. Vata will trigger loss of enzymatic activity in metabolism, Kapha will bring in heaviness and stagnation. The upset of body balance will reflect in the normal functioning of mind and nervous system, leading to depression. Ayurveda in stress management very efficient

Another cause is Pitta upset, where allergies and disruptions in the metabolic process leading to the normal functioning of the brain. This can lead to extreme mood swings. Vata imbalance also can cause depression.

Ayurveda decides the treatment protocol on the basis of the mental and physical constitution of the patient and also on the basis of which dosha is affected. Ayurveda in stress management includes many treatments

The treatment could be a massage with Ayurvedic oils along with Nasyam and Sirodhara, or detoxification treatment with body massage, Shirodhara, Ghritpaan Virechanam, Netra Tarpana, Basti, Nasyam and Karnapoornam.