Causes of migraine

Migraine is a condition that causes severe headache, it is due to the abnormal brain activity affecting nerve system, blood vessels and chemicals in the brain. And certain efficient and best ayurvedic treatment for migraine in Trivandrum . The pain generally occurs in the forehead ,around the eyes or side of the head. Increasingly the head ache gets worse. This head ache often accompanied by vomiting, numbness, nausea, tingling, sensitivity to light and sound. There are lot of treatment for migraine in Ayurveda.

Some factors that can lead to migraine are physical factors,emotional factors,dietary factors,hormonal causes,environmental causes,medications such as anti-depressants,nasal steroids and decongestants,sleeping pills are cited as probable causes.

Best Ayurveda treatment for Migraine:

Remedy for Migraine includes several Ayurveda meditations. In Ayurveda migraine is caused mainly due to pitta vata imbalance or accumulation of toxins. Migraine treatment in Ayurveda is stated as Ardhavabedhaka that defines one sided pain in forehead and its intense in nature.

Thrugho panchakarma bio purification technique (samshodhana),treatment for migraine in Ayurveda can be done.Migraine treatment includes therapeutic purgation,regulated diet,regulated lifestyle.

There are several remedies for migraine such as avoid exposure to mid –day sun and cold winds, follow a regular sleep, schedule walking everyday, follow a relaxation technique to deal with chronic stress, avoid drinking and smoking.

Ayurveda remedies for migraine includes Ayurveda diet, which includes cooked organic food, consume pitta pacifying diet, drink warm water, don’t combine milk with other foods drink it separately. Best Ayurveda treatment for migraine includes snehopachaaram , upanaha swedam,shirodhaara, snehanasyam, dhoomapanam, along with these Ayurveda treatments, certain internal medications should be taken.

There are certain home remedies for migraine in Ayurveda such as Kavala graha or oil pulling, drink warm milk with pinch of saffron, cardamom, and turmeric everyday. Soak some almonds and raisins in water overnight, eat them and drink the water at morning. Boil and drink water with a piece of ginger in it.

Some of the general remedies for migraine includes avoid oily, spicy, and difficult to digest food, use light and warm food, stay away from too much of noise, light and smells. Include more fibers in your diet, practicing relaxation yoga techniques and pranayamat. Take a break while using mobile phone and computer, more over stay happy and stress free.