Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose vein is the condition in which the vein have became swollen and twisted,also the vein become enlarged ,dilated and over filled with blood. They often occur in leg.

There are several types of Ayurvedic medicines and therapies available for varicose vein treatment in Trivandrum. Treatment includes herbal therapies, diet and massage.

Life style changes is also a remedy ,such as avoid standing for longer period, exercise has to be done to increase blood circulation, maintain a healthy weight, use compression socks Varicose vein is due to the imbalance of vata dosha.

Also imbalance of diet is one of the factor that influence dosha,try to avoid food types such as bitter foods,pungent foods,astringent food. Treatments also includes massage such as abayanga. Therapies such as leech therapy,enema therapy.