Top Ayurvedic Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain causes:

Lower back pain is caused due to various reasons. One of the natural causes of lower back pain is aging; Genetics is also a key reason for lower backpain.Sedentary life style contributes to lower back pain. Poor posture and lack of physical activity reduces muscle mass which may cause severe back pain.There are several ayurvedic treatment & remedies for lower back pain.

est Ayurveda remedies for lower back pain:

In ayurveda, vata dosha disorder due to different reasons such as faculty dietary and lifestyle habits. Ayurvedic treatment may include Abhyangam massage, herbal bun massage, purgation and mild herbal enema. Also kadivasti helps on treating patients of lower backpain.According to the patients pain level in the lower back these medicines are given.

Sukhayurveda detox therapies address the issue of toxin accumulation by loosening impurities that have embedded in tissues and help liquefying them for easy absorption into the circulation and gradually elimination.

Ayurvedic treatment & remedies for lower back pain includes herbal drugs and topical application. Panchakarma helps to detoxes and rejuvenates body.Panchakrama restores immune system and cleanses the body of toxic materials caused by environment, bad nutrition and diseases.

Potli Sweda is a herbal pouch that is made from medicinal plants.Inorder to restore imbalances the heat from the pouch can eliminate pain due to sprain,cramps,injuries.

Kati Vasti ,Kati is called waist area and vasti is termed as applying warm, ayurvedic oil to an area. Depending on the severity of the back pain massage more oil till it’s attain high temperature. Thus it strengthen lower back muscles, reduce stiffness and increases blood circulation. Also its strengthen muscles, joints, and soft tissues nearer to lower back .yoga can also reduce lower backpain to certain extend.