Headache Treatment

According to the World Health Organization,head aches are the most common disorder of nervous system. Many of us immediately uses painkiller for headache,which may have side effects .There are lots of Ayurveda tips for headache.

Types & causes of headache:

Mainly there are three types of headache
(i) Tension headaches
(ii) Migraines
(iii) Sinus

These three types of headaches occurs as a result of vatta,pitha and kapha doshas. There are numerous ayurveda tips to cure headache and a holistic approach to prevention and treatment. If you look at a person’s lifestyle habits,patterns and routines there seems lots of imbalances and disease pathology like headaches.

Headache remedies:

(i)Eat proper meals per day ,at same time on each day.
(ii)Follow pitta and vatha diet
(iii)Drink plenty of water and stay hydrarted ,avoid intake of too much caffeine and coffee
(iv)A daily warm oil massage called as abhyanga before bathing
(v)Herbal headache treatment
(vi) Do steam treatment often