Hair Fall Treatment

Our lifestyle,food habits,pollution,chemical hair products are the main reason behind tremendous hair loss.While the market is showing many products for hair fall control,but indeed chemical further damages your hair.

Remedies includes,

1)Lifestyle routine

Ayurveda is not only about taking herbal medicines,also includes strict lifestyle regimen. Dinacharya and rithuacharya can go a long way in ensuring health benefits. Dinacharya includes daily activity such as waking up and sleeping early, hygiene,exercise,relaxation,meals. Rithuacharya includes lifestyle regimen that is to be followed in each seasons.

2)Herbal plants

(a) Centratherum Punctatum(keshapushpam)

It is a herbal plant that is used to make hair oil and act as a good herbal therapy for hair fall related issues. Keshapushpam also repairs damaged hair and helps hair root grow stronger.


Amla is the best natural immunity booster and most preferred for maintaining hair issues and hair health. It contains fatty acids that strengthen hair follicles and provide strength to your hair and maintain luster. The surplus of Vit.C helps to prevent premature graying.

(c) Bhringraj

It is a natural ingredient that is essential in hair care regimen.Massaging your hair with bhringraj oil helps faster hair growth.

(d)Aleo vera

Aleo vera is a potential tool for curing hair loss and scalp problems. Aleo vera contains proteolytic enzymes that can repair damaged cells and improve follicle health. Also aleo vera has anti inflammatory properties that can shoo away scalp problems.


Neem leafs contains anti –microbial properties, hence it is feted for its role in hair loss. Neem leafs can also helps in stimulating hair growth.