Allergy is caused because of the disorder of immune system, and the reaction that is caused because of the foreign substances that is not typically harmful to the body. Weak immunity is the main cause for various allergy.You should improve the function of your immune system in order to get rid of allergy.There are lots of ayurveda treatment for allergy.

Allergic rhinitis treatment in ayurveda:

Rhinitis characterized by symptoms like nasal irritation and inflammation. Main causes are dust, dirt, gems, pollen, microscopic viruses or bacteria. It may result in continues sneezing, runny or blocked nose, irritation in nose ,eyes and throats. Improvement in life style as per Ayurveda reduces the symptoms, like taking warm water bath, regular nose inhalation steam, regular exercise and yoga. Treatments includes internal meditation, external therapies, purificatory therapies can cure allergic rhinitis.

Dust allergy treatment in ayurveda:

Dust allergy is most common and caused by tiny dust mites. Inhaling of these dust particle provoke the immune system which may result in sneezing, runny nose,itiching and red eyes, coughing and wheezing. Here is some of the ayurvedic medicines for allergies sucha s honey, turmeric and milk delight, vitamin C intake and herbal medicines.