Ayur Avani offers a spectrum of treatment, like:


This is the best of Ayurveda treatment, which cures all ailments through protocol like herbal therapy, oil massage and medicines to intake.

Special Health Care Packages

Ayur Avani offers exclusive healthcare packages designed for all modern lifestyle induced ailments and matching the new age schedules.


This wellness regime, through many generations, has proved its ability to improve the physical and mental abilities of a person.

Marma Special Clinic

Marma Special Clinic revives the ancient Indian practice and cures the human body through manipulation of subtle energy (prana) in the body.

Back-pain Clinic

Back Pain is a modern day lifestyle induced ailment. Ayur Avani launched this clinic exclusively to address to this issue, offering comprehensive treatment.

Obesity Clinic

This exclusive clinic focused on modern age issue of obesity suggests a combination of healthy diet and exercises, passed on from generation to generation.

Varicose Vein Clinic

This exclusive clinic offers traditional treatment for varicose vein, with minimal invasiveness and practically no after effects. The treatment protocol follows ancient system of medicines.

New Clinics

As part of Ayur Avani’s commitment to spread out and touch all aspects of wellness and healthy living, a wide spectrum of new clinics are being readied.