Six health benefits of Capsicum

health benefits of Capsicum

Capsicum is what we call hot peppers. This is usually used to spice up our dishes, and to add that extra zing to flavours. But not many know that capsicum or peppers have many unique medicinal qualities. It can be an effective medicine for diabetes, pain and even cancer, according to some modern medical studies.

It has been proved that capsaicin, which gives the vegetable its sought-after heat, is the ingredient that makes it special. Its original goal is to distract insects and mammals from devouring the fruit. They are repelled by the pungent burning sensation, whereas the bright colour of the fruit attract birds to it and help it in dispersing the seeds.

The fruit has been used extensively in cuisine all over the world, with earliest mention dating back to early 19th Century in the national cuisine of Ethiopia. Recent scientific studies revealed the amazing medicinal properties of capsicum.

Magical touch of Capsicum

Many studies point to the effectiveness of capsicum in fighting cancers, including prostate cancer. A research showed that it is very effective in arresting the spread of cancer cells and may even cause cell death or apoptosis.

It is an important ingredient in topical creams to relieve cluster headaches, which is different from tension headaches or even migraines. Cluster headaches are recurring headaches, which is often described as the worst pain. Repeated use of capsicum cream is proved to be the most effective counter to these headaches.
It has got analgesic properties, making it effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis symptoms. It can also help in treatment of psoriasis, as it decreases breakouts on the skin.

Consistent intake can improve insulin reactions of the body and control blood sugar level – making it effective in treating diabetes. This is found ideal for gestational diabetes in women and also for diabetic neuropathy.
Increased metabolism triggered by capsicum will help in lowering body weight.
Besides cuisine loaded with pepper varieties, capsicum can be taken in through supplements like cayenne powder pills.

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