NOSE CONGESTION: The Green way out of it..!!

Nose Congestion

Easy Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

A stuffy or running nose is a common sight in the early mornings and in the
winter seasons.
Your nasal passage can get blocked due to common cold, influenza or an
allergic reaction. They can at times be a sign of sinus infection also.
When you develop a cold or an allergy, the membranes that are present in
the nose get disturbed and swell up – leading to overproduction of mucus
making it difficult for to breathe.
These can occur at any age.
But it can turn out to be dangerous for small children as it may impair their
breathing and can in the future lead to chronic respiratory diseases like
The Ayurvedic way – the Green Way!!
Yes, there indeed are innumerous drugs available in the market for nasal
But as we know none of it helps you actually get rid of the causes that got
you nasal congestion in the first place, but just to remove it for the time
being. On repeated onset of congestions, you will have to depend on these
tablets, not to mention the side effects.
It is here that Ayurvedic treatments stress its importance again.
Not only is it super-effective in removing nasal congestion, but include all
necessary life style precaution to be taken to prevent an onset in future.

These Ayurvedic medicines sourced completely from nature, gives ZERO
side effects. The Ayurvedic remedy for nasal congestion includes many
herbs that can very easily be found around us.
Home Remedies:
Here we compile some easily available home remedies which are easy to
adopt and are very effective too:
 Aijwain: One of the most reliable and perhaps oldest Ayurvedic cure
for nose block is the use of Ajwain. Take a small quantity of Ajwain in
a neat cloth and tie it. Place the lump in a vessel and heat it. Then
sniff the fumes arising out of it. This helps in clearing the blocked
passage in an instant.
 Garlic: After ajwain it is garlic that can help you in removing nasal
block. Prepare mixture of garlic juice, holy basil extract, clove and
honey and consume it. An effective remedy for nasal bock.
 Steam inhalation through your nose for 5-10 min proves to give
excellent results. Do it twice a day. When boiling water, don’t forget to
add a few drops of camphor and ajwain in it.
 Oregano oil is yet another remedy from the vaults of Ayurveda. Even
adding just two to three drops of oregano oil to any fluid you drink is
also known to strengthen your body’s immune system.
 If you are in the habit of getting nasal blocks frequently, make sure
you take Vitamin C everyday day to keep a check on your histamine.

Supporting your system:
When you are facing a block in your nasal passage, it’s beneficial to
customize the rest of your body system. Whatever maybe the cause of your
stuffy nose, you can find immediate comfort by doing any of the following:
 Drink plenty of fluids to thin your mucus.
 Put a warm, wet cloth across your nose to loosen the mucus.

 Use a humidifier or vaporizer before you sleep at night to help flow
your mucus.
 Find the help of a decongestant to dry up and shrink your nasal
passage and thus breathe easier.
 An antihistamine can always help alleviate your symptoms, especially
if you are having allergies.

Lifestyle changes for nose block:
This is one thing unique to the branch of Ayurvedic treatment – It always
includes recommendations to be incorporated in your life style, such that a
strong precaution is built to prevent a coming back of the syndrome.
Incorporate the following lifestyle changes if are prone to nose blocks:
  Those susceptible to frequent cold should always take care to avoid cold
water and should encourage lukewarm water, even after meals.
  Avoid exposure to cold winds and directly sitting below the air
  Keep your head and chest fully covered when going out in the night with
woolen garments, especially in winter season.
   Encourage diets rich in vitamins and minerals to strengthen your natural
body immunity.

NB: Nose block or nasal congestion is caused due to the inflammation of
the blood vessels of the mucus membrane lining in the nose that causes an
over secretion of mucus, obstructing the nasal passage. The effect of the
condition varies from children to adults.
Drugs like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antihistamines, and decongestants
are usually recommended for nasal block. If an infant is unable to breathe
because of a plugged nose, a nasal aspirator may be useful to remove the

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