Honey is often associated with taste, but, in Ayurveda, it is also considered as something that has a long medicinal history. There are a few ailments honey will help you through. The following are the cases when honey can be used as a proper Ayurvedic medicine.


Digestion is an important process in the human body. As, honey helps in the conversion of fructose to glucose it makes digestion even more easy, honey also helps in improving the functioning of intestines and kidneys for combating constipation and thereby, the digestive system remains healthy. Honey can be taken along with Apple Cider vinegar in the ration 1:1, and diluted with water. The mixture is a fine remedy for indigestion. Consuming about 10 gms of honey on an empty stomach (at least an hour before breakfast) will bring relief from common stomach disorders.


In order to get sufficient immunity to fight the disease and other invaders the white blood corpuscles have to be strengthened and, it is possible through regular consumption of honey and, as iron content is rich in honey, it is an effective cure for anemia. Honey also makes blood circulation easy and protects against arteriosclerosis and capillary problems.  


As per Ayurveda, honey is an effective medicine for migraine. Two teaspoons of honey taken during meals prevents migraine attacks.  Consumption of one dessert spoon of honey with half glass of lukewarm water during the start of the migraine will bring great relief. The mixture can be repeated every twenty minutes if necessary.


Ayurvedic experts suggest that, insomnia can be prevented by taking a cup of warm milk along with a teaspoon of honey at bedtime regularly.


One should make honey part and parcel of their lives after the age of 50, as regular consumption of honey helps to prevent osteoporosis and aids calcium utilization.


Facial paralysis can be cured to great extent by licking honey with extract of boiled rice.


Ayurvedic mixture made out of one teaspoon of honey, cumin powder and ginger juice will be really effective to lower high blood pressure, and this has to be consumed twice a day.


To control bad breath all through the day, gargle early in the morning with warm water to which a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder are added.


For people suffering from alopecia or hair loss, application of a paste made by combining hot olive oil, honey (1 tbsp) and cinnamon powder (1 tbsp), keeping it for about fifteen minutes and then washing the hair will help arrest hair loss.


Loss of hearing is one of the common problems during old age; the problem can be tackled through consuming equal parts of cinnamon powder and honey regularly.

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