Fight back ills of Summer

Tips to counter summer

Summer is all about dehydration, sweating, skin rashes, sunburns, irritation and lethargy. These are days when one feels like doing nothing and just lie around. But the sad part is that summer is not just all these. Summer also means, acne, diarrhoea, excessive body heat, cough and cold, constipation, acidity, gastroenteritis, food poisoning with vomiting and heat stroke.

It is common for diseases to make a comeback once the mercury levels soar up. With the change in season, the climate has already acquired the feel of a harsh summer. So it will be better to start preparing for the sultry days ahead right now.

Ayurveda identifies that the Vata builds up slowly during summer and Kapha Dosha, which usually shoots up in spring, starts to lower down naturally. This is because the sun rays becoming powerful and harsh. There are some simple tips to counter the harsh impact of summer.

Tips to Counter Summer

It is always advisable to get protection from direction sun and one should use an umbrella while going outside. Never skip food or take up fasting. This is the time when your body needs constant replenishing of minerals, most importantly water. Reduce the load on the body system and avoid spicy food. The idea is to have light sweet food in shorter intervals. Ayurveda advises including ghee, raisins, cucumber, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, almond, dates in the diet.

Leaving one teaspoon of coriander seed powder in one cup of water to settle down overnight and drinking it on empty stomach next morning can cool down the body system. Similarly, soaking five raisins and almonds in water overnight and having them next morning could ease the body. Having either tender coconut water or sugarcane juice for twice or thrice in a week can provide the much-needed minerals to the body, lost by constant dehydration.

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