Cure for indigestion in Ayurveda

Cure for indigestion in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a total cure system that approaches the health of the patient in a holistic manner. For a practitioner of Ayurveda, nothing in human body happens without a reason and all that happens in the body is related to something else. For example, take the case of digestion. It is one of the most important processes happening in human body.

The energy required for the body is acquired and released during the digestion. So it is essential to keep digestion in order. Ayurveda says that those with irregular eating habits are most likely to trigger and upset the Vata in their body. This leads to imbalance of the digestion process and cause indigestion.

Each body has a system to release digestive enzymes and juices. This ensures proper digestion. Ayurveda identifies the indigestion caused by irregular release of enzymes leads to Vishtabdha Ajeerna. This situation can eventually lead to aggravation of Vata Dosha.

How to avoid indigestion

Yoga is one tested way to maintain a proper balance of body functions. This will make sure proper release of the appetite promoting enzymes. Ayurveda has home remedies to correct the irregularities, but lays stress on streamlining daily habits. Indigestion can be avoided by following simple steps like these.

One, adhere to a schedule for eating and staying away from food that upsets the digestive system. People have a tendency to consume incompatible food. This will also trigger the Vata and upset the digestive health. Another critical element is the mental balance of the person. Intensely negative emotions like impatience, anger and grief can have their impact on the digestive system.

It is always advisable not to skip meals as far as possible. Keeping the stomach empty will lead to body responding with production of more acid and resultant discomfort. Modern lifestyle cause many to skip breakfast. The first meal of the day is very important for the body. There should be proper interval between meals and mediation to relieve stress. Irregular timing of meals can also keep the person hungry and thus lead to overeating. This is also to be avoided.

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