Countering the menace of stiff neck

neck stiffness

Stiff neck is the most common lifestyle ailment in modern times. Sedentary working conditions have caught up with the body, as is seen through ailments like this. Extended hours in front of computer or using too much of mobile phones or even spending too much time at desk jobs can lead to this situation. Of late, stiff neck has become the most reported complaint among new generation work force.
Stiff neck is when the person feels pain or difficulty in moving the neck. If left untreated, stiff neck can lead to headaches, pains in shoulder or arms and severe neck aches. It could be very irritating and can end up liming the mobility of the person in longer run.
Prolonged illness is not common in stiff neck. In most cases, the ailment gets better in a matter of days or even weeks. Prolonged pain, along with other symptoms like fever, requires immediate medical consultation. On the other hand, normal stiff neck complaints can be addressed with home remedies.

Home remedies for stiff neck

A good massage is most often the best remedy for stiff neck. It will ease the muscles and increase blood circulation. That can bring back the flexibility of the neck. It has been observed that a gentle neck massage can induce good sleep.
Sedentary lifestyle, as said earlier, is the main cause of stiff neck. So some basic neck exercises can relieve the stress on muscles. It involves moving the head up and down and then tilting towards both shoulders. This can be followed with turning the face and looking both sides. A gentle shoulder roll can complete the set of exercises.
In some cases, a cold compress can cure stiff neck very effectively. It is also recommended to use Epson salt or Peppermint oil for external application for relief from neck pain.

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