Ayurvedic treatment for Sprain


A sprain is the abnormal stretching or tearing of a ligament supporting a joint. It occur when the
body comes under physical strain. In such situations, the muscles and joints will perform movements
for which they are not usually accustomed or designed for. The causal injury can happen from a
single incident, or may gradually grow after repetitions of motion. Usually, the mechanism of injury
involves putting the muscle tendon or the ligament under excess stretching, thus causing damage to
the muscles, tendons, or ligament.
The ankle is usually the joint getting sprained. Sudden "rolling" or "twisting" of the ankle and then
turning it inward is usually the mechanism of injury.
Knee sprains are a common injury to footballers and professional athletes' playing careers.
Neck injuries can arise, for example, after a car accident. The wrist is usually damaged because of a
fall, but routine stressful tasks and at times a single aggressive move may also cause pain.

In Ayurveda

First and foremost is to give complete rest to the part affected or the whole body. Never walk with a
sprained ankle.
Oil massage therapies are suggested to relieve sprain. Mahanarayan Taila and Prahiruini taila are the
most recommended of oils and can be warmed a little before applying.
A cold compression using ice done for some time can also help.
Consume ghee with figs and dates to build your tissues and get energy in your body.
Plenty of hot water should be drunk so as to remove ‘ama’ (toxins) from your body.

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