Ayurvedic remedies to prevent allergic dry coughs

Allergic dry coughs

Allergic dry coughs can be annoying. They can cause worry to both you and the ones around you and, it is hard to get off. Dust smoke particles in the atmosphere, pollen or smell of some flowers, chemical irritants, Intestinal worms are some of the causes which lead to allergic dry cough. It is often accompanied by breathing difficulty, low fever, chest pain or chest heaviness, throat soreness and recurrenting cough spells. According to Ayurveda, dry coughs are results of Vata Dosha and mild imbalance of Kapha. To make matters even worse, dry coughs are most often followed with bad breath which indicates an excess of “Ama” (dead energy).


Ayurvedic treatments which prevents allergic dry coughs from getting worse


  • Observe a fast for couple of days. Boil half teaspoon of Ginger powder along with one-fourth teaspoon Turmeric (Haldi) and reduce it to half. Consume this mixture for 2 days. Ayurvedic medications such as, Talispatradi Choornam and Sitopladi Choornam can also help you to solve the issue.



  • Drinking the above mentioned ginger decoction with 3-4 teaspoon of Cold-pressed Castor Oil early in the morning on an empty stomach will cure the ailment to a certain extent. However, following the guidelines of an Ayurvedic practitioner is highly recommended before consuming the medicine. Fasting and Castor oil are beneficial for those who are suffering from dry coughs because, fasting would increase the agni (the good digestive fire) and activates immunity whereas, Castor oil removes bad energy (Ama) by balancing apana vata.



  • There are various alternatives for those who cannot fast; tablets of Swaskas Chintamani Ras, mahalaxmi Vilas Ras and Trikant Mani Ras can be the perfect replacement for fasting. In order to increase the effect of the tablets, mix them with 1- 2 teaspoons of Haridrakhand Avaleha. Mixing half teaspoon of pure raw turmeric with 1 teaspoon of honey can also prevent the dry coughs.



As per Ashtanga Hridayam, an authentic text in Ayurveda, the medicines for ailments related to respiratory systems have to be consumed on regular basis in a small dosage, it is only then one can get fully benefited from the medications and treatments. Ayurvedic paste made out of honey along with trikatu churnam., sitophaladi churnam or taleepatradi churnam can bring great relief, as they reduce the microbial load on the respiratory system and thereby prevent the formation of mucus. All the above mentioned medicines are made of Ayurvedic herbs. So, they don’t cause any side effects and can be consumed by children and adults.


Lifestyle changes to prevent allergic dry coughs


  • Take dinner by 7.30 PM, just eat light and chew properly.
  • Minimize the use of oil, try using cow ghee.
  • Sesame oil can be used once you have recovered.
  • Ground nut items, pickles, Papad, curd, Tomatoes, fermented foods, brinjal, are to be avoided completely.
  • Sleep disturbances during night should be compensated by taking a nap during the day time. Massage on soles with Ghee/ castor oil at bedtime can make the nervous system calm and composed.
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