Varicose or Venous Ulcers

Venous ulcers, namely stasis ulcers or varicose ulcer are the lesions occurring due to the faulty functioning of venous valves, commonly in the legs. It is a serious chronic complexity due to venous insufficiency.

It is one of the commonest of non-healing ulcers that can affect the leg. They can occur both in adult men as well as women. It can take a long time to cure.

Causes of venous leg ulcers

The circulation of blood through the leg are through veins which are actually blood vessels that carry blood from the lower legs to the heart.

Patients suffering from venous leg ulcers will have valves that are not working properly, thus causing blood to get trapped in the lower legs - leading to swelling and darkening of the skin gradually leading to venous leg ulcers.

Risk factors

Patients with a history of blood clot in veins in the legs or leg injury, varicose veins, habit of prolonged standing, obesity or smoking are at an increased risk of landing with this condition.

Individuals who have had long history of having difficulty in walking can also get venous leg ulcers as the absence of pump action of the calf-muscle necessary for venous blood circulation.

Signs and symptoms

Majority of patients suffering from the condition complain of aching legs at the end of a day, or a swelling of the legs.

The skin of the leg will slowly start turning red or brown. Red rashes with scaling and crusting will also start to appear with an itching feeling.

Varicose veins start to be seen.Venous leg ulcers often appear just above the ankle.Usually wet with heavy discharge, they can be painful and tender.


Attending varicose ulcers can be quiet a task to the physician and a nightmare to the suffering patients.

In Ayurveda, this condition is seen as duṣṭa vraṇa or non-healing ulcer and arising from a vata imbalance. This can be managed effectively with specific s’odhana therapy is the purification therapy. Basti karma is the most effective of these and is one of the five panchakarma processes.

As you know, predominant site of the Vata is the colon. Basti involves the introduction of herbal substances like oil and other concoctions in a liquid medium into the rectum.

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