Tennis Elbow

A condition where an inflammation of the tendons arises in the outer portion of the elbow joint is called Tennis Elbow. This occurs at the site where tendons are inserted to the bone and will result in severe joint pain.

This disease is seen to befall people involved in sports with racquet like tennis. However other physically demanding activities which put the extension muscles of the elbow to a lot of stress results in the manifestation of this disease. Strain and excessive use of the forearm muscles are seen to be the major cause of this condition.

Even in a tennis player, the playing arm is seen to be susceptible to developing this condition

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

  • Pain in the outer portion of the elbow (the lateral side)
  • Inability to undertake certain movements with fore-arm
  • Pain while performing activities with the forearm stretched
  • Pain on touching the outside of the elbow
  • Pain worsens when a wrist movement with force is undertaken like lifting, using tools, opening jars etc.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Tennis Elbow

The treatment for Tennis Elbow is aimed at mitigating the local inflammation, to relieve the pain and to bring back the normal functioning of the elbow.

The basic approach in Ayurveda to treat Tennis elbow comprises of administering ayurvedic medicines that have anti-inflammatory properties and those that aid in healing the wear and tear in the ligaments and tendons.

Medicated oils are applied to the area, with mild massage.

Pichu or bandaging the area with the medicated oils in the early stages is also recommended. Relief will be achieved from the above procedures itself in most cases. However if the pain continues despite initial massages and medication, then Ayurvedic therapies helping to relieve inflammation are used. These include Podikkizhi or massage with Herbal powder, Ilakkizhi (Massage with Herbal leaves) and pouring of medicated oils (Tailadhara).

Ayurveda has medicated oils superbly effective in providing relief from pain and joint swells.

Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow

Make ginger tea a habit and consume it 3 times a day. Having strong anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is beneficial in mitigating the symptoms of tennis elbow.

Alternative application of hot and cold compresses can relieve you from pain and swelling to a great extent.

Grind ginger well to a pulp and apply.

Regularly massage with Murivenna oil.

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