Spinal Canal Stenosis

It is a condition, occurring mostly in adults around 50 years and older, as the spinal canal starts to narrow. And once this arise, pain and other problems start to emerge.

As you know, the spine is made up of a set of connected bones called the “vertebrae” and also have shock-absorbing discs. It is to protect your spinal nerve, a key portion of the central nervous system that connects the brain to the entire body. It is inside the canal formed by the vertebrae that the nerve rests in.

For most individuals, spinal canal stenosis results from changes due to age-afflicted arthritis leading to the narrowing of the spinal canal. As a result, the open spaces between the vertebral columns may get smaller. The resulting tightness can pressure the spinal nerve around it thus causing pain, tingling, or a numb feeling in your legs, arms, or other body parts.

Do note that this is not a condition to which there is a complete cure - but there are a variety of Ayurveda treatments, massages and exercises to keep the pain at bay and gain back the body stability. Do not worry for majority people with stenosis live normal lives itself and the condition won’t hinder your daily life flow if treated responsibly.

Causes & Symptoms

The prominent cause of spinal stenosis is arthritis, which in turn is caused by the breakdown of cartilage -- the pillow material between your bones.

Other causes can include a Herniated disc, where the cartilages are cracked and material seep out and press on your spinal nerves. An accident may fracture part of your spine and eventually lead to stenosis as well.

Spinal stenosis usually affects your neck or lower back and the common symptoms include stiffness, numbness, and back pain.

Specific symptoms can include:

Pains shoot down your leg which can start as an ache in the lower midriff or buttocks.

Weakness can come in the legs with pain and the weakness can cause your foot to “slap” on the ground.

You might get a hard time to stand or walk. It is because an upright posture tend to compress the vertebrae and cause pain.

Loss of control over your bladder or bowel. This can cause weakness to the nerves of the bowel/ bladder.

If you’re showing symptoms or you think you do, then you might want to pay a visit to our Spinal clinic at the AyurAvani treatment centre in Trivandrum. If you’re getting a loss of control in bladder or bowel come down to our treatment centre in the campus.


Treatment to most spinal conditions are mostly advised to be limited to massages, rest, exercise and proper diet. Surgeries are often not recommended and aren’t exactly required either.

As far as exercises are concerned, you need to improve your flexibility a great deal. Increase strength and balance with regular engagements. We strictly recommend a two week rest with Ayurveda package and mas

What You Can Do at Home

Ayurveda is not about giving a one-time solution like a surgery or so. It is a holistic approach to treatments and helping regain the overall stability of the body. Thus here are some things you can do to help ease symptoms of spinal stenosis:

Always make it a habit to practice good posture starting with standing up straight.

Always sit on a firm supportive chair and sleep on firm mattress with no sagging.

Do note that when you are lifting heavy objects, bend from your knees not on your back.

Exercise. Not a 100 push-ups or such rigorous exercise. Just take a walk every other day for 30 minutes.

Apply heat and cold. Heat loosens your muscles and Cold helps reduce inflammation. Use them on your neck or lower back. Taking Hot showers occasionally are also good.

Lose weight. Mitigate your over weight if you have any. When you are heavier, there will be more chance that pressure affects your back.

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