Slip Disc

What are the symptoms of a slipped disk?

Slipped disk can occur in any part of your spine as the entire column consists of discs, right from your lower back to your neck though the lower back lower back is the one more prone to slipped disks. Spinal column, an intricate network of nerves and blood vessels, can feel extra pressure if a slipped disk can pinches any of them.

Symptoms of a slipped disk show:

A pain and numbness is the most common of symptoms are generally observed to be constricted to one side of the body. These pain can extend to the arms or legs and are never localised.

Some pain are noted to worsen with certain movements or maybe in the night. A slipped disc might mean a pain that can intensify immediately after standing or sitting and while walking even short distances.

An unexplained weakness in the muscle or a tingling or burning sensations arise in the affected area.

Causes of a slipped disks?

As the outer ring of the spinal disc becomes weak or torn and allows the inner portion to slip out, a slipped disk can occurs. This usually happen with age.

But slipped discs can also arise from certain motions may also cause a slipped disk. Twisting or turning to lift an object can cause a disk to slip out of place. It can place great strain on your lower back. You will be at an increased risk if you have a very physically intensive job.

Overweight is yet another risk posing condition as their disks need to support the extra weight. Weak muscles and a sedentary lifestyle may also contribute to the development of a slipped disk.

As you get older, your disks begin to lose some of their protective water content and hence are more likely to get a slipped disk. This is more common in men than in women.

If left untreated, aggravated disk slip can lead to a permanent nerve damage. In extreme and rare cases, it can even cut off nerve impulses to nerves in your lower legs and back. This can lead to a loss of control of the bowel or bladder.

While the pain from a slipped disk may reduce, if you cannot perform the activities you previously could, it’s time for you to visit the Neck pain centre at the AyurAvani campus in Trivandrum.

How are slipped disks treated?

Ayurveda, the green way of life always opts for tangible alternatives to allopathic ways like surgery and other evasive procedure like epidural injections.

Administration of Ayurvedic therapies like

Nasya (Entering of medicated liquids through nasal cavity)

Elakkizhi (Patrapotala sweda)

Podikkizhi (Choorna pinda sweda)

Abhyanga (oil massage with specific herbal medicines)

Along with these, herbal medicines is very effective in providing tangible benefits in all these cases, rendering the patient symptom free.

It also helps in repealing the damage inflicted to the nerve and in further stopping the degeneration of the bones, nerves and cartilage involved.

Most patients respond well to conservative treatments and in six weeks their pain and discomfort will gradually abate.


Though it is not completely preventable, there are certain preventive steps that can be taken:

  • Employ prudence while lifting heavy objects: Bend and lift maximum straight from your knees. Don’t bend by your waist.
  • Have a healthy weight.
  • Take periodic stretch ups when sitting for long hours.
  • Strengthen your muscles in the back, legs, and abdomen by doing regular exercises.

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