Scoliosis is a condition which causes your spine to curve to one side. The most common regions are at the range of the chest or the lower back, though it can befall anywhere in the spine.

This condition is seen more to befall children.

Generally treatments are not needed, as the curve tend to correct itself with growth. But based on the degree of curvature and the age, a combination of diet, exercise and physical massage is often recommended.

The complications arising from scoliosis can range from chronic pain to respiratory deficiencies.

What is scoliosis?

Person suffering from scoliosis will have a C- or S-shaped curving in the spine.

Though the condition can appear at any age, it is often recognised at the age of 10 to 12 years, though symptoms can at times show at the infant age.

If the curve is structural then it is permanent, and may mostly be due to some other condition. But a non-structural curve will be temporary and is likely to disappear with time.


Some of the possible causes of scoliosis are found as:

Neuromuscular conditions like cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy can affect the nerves and muscles.

Congenital scoliosis: This is rare and occurs at birth because the bones of the spine developed abnormally during fetus growth inside the mother.

At times specific genes are also seen to associate with the onset of scoliosis, though not identified which.

One leg being longer than the other may also develop into scoliosis.

Other causes can include a habitual bad posture, carrying loads or some injuries.


Symptoms of scoliosis normally becomes apparent from infancy to adolescence.

The clothes of patients with scoliosis seldom hang properly.

The most commonly seen form of scoliosis arises in adolescence. Known as adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, it can affect children starting the age of 10 years.

The symptoms include:

  • The head maybe found slightly off the center
  • The ribcage is found to be asymmetrical i.e. the ribs may be at varied heights
  • A hip is more protruded than the other
  • Your clothes not hang properly
  • One shoulder may be higher than the other
  • The leg lengths will be uneven

When in infants, if the case is severe, it can even lead to problems with the heart and lungs, shortness of breath and gradually ending in chronic chest pain.

Problems can arise later in life if scoliosis is left untreated – even an impaired functioning of the heart or lung.


Various exercises are suggested for scoliosis, and different schools propose different strategies. The main aim of exercises in this case is to realign your faulted proportion of spine, rib cage, shoulders or the pelvis to regain a normal posture.


Scoliosis, even though a disturbing condition, generally do not demand treatment if it is a mild curve.

The following factors are generally considered by a doctor to decide on the treatment course:

A different approach is undertaken for men and female. It is seen that females are more likely to get scoliosis than males and also the chance of it to worsen.

The severity of the curve is yet another determining factor.

The position of the curve and the maturity the patients’ bone has attained are yet another thing to look out for.

Even though surgery as a treatment option is flyiong around these days, it has never been counted as a serious treatment option or a lasting one.

Ayurveda, the green way of life always opts for tangible alternatives to allopathic ways like surgery and other evasive procedure like epidural injections.

Administration of Ayurvedic therapies like

  • Nasya (Entering of medicated liquids through nasal cavity)
  • Elakkizhi (Patrapotala sweda)
  • Podikkizhi (Choorna pinda sweda),
  • Abhyanga (oil massage with specific herbal medicines)

Along with these, herbal medicines is very effective in providing tangible benefits in all these cases, rendering the patient symptom free.

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