Lumbago (Low Back Pain)

Lumbago may be defined as a range of mild to severe pain in the area of the lower back.

The pain can be sudden as well as severe or can last for some time if it goes for more than three months.Most people will undergo lumbago at some time in their life.

It can occur at any age but is a particular problem in younger people whose work involves physical effort and much later in life, in the elderly.

In most cases it settles in a few weeks but for some it is a persistent problem.

What can cause lumbago?

In most cases identifying the exact cause of low back pain is almost impossible.

However a specific issue can be found in about quarter of cases.

Common of them are seen in patients suffering from conditions like arthritis of tiny joints between the vertebral bones.

A slipped disc, a collapse or fracture of vertebrae especially older patients or even skeletal damage


  • Pain appears in the lower part of the back which can at times grow into the buttocks, behind the thigh or even to the groin. The pain has a tendency to aggravate on moving.
  • Limitation in bending forward and leaning back.
  • A stiff back due to spasms in the muscles surrounding the spine.
  • Sometimes a tingling sensation or numbness in the back can accompany the pain. They can appear even in the buttocks or leg and may pass right down into the foot.

Thus if you suddenly become incapable of controlling your bladder movements or if the lower back or legs suddenly turns numb or weak, walk in straight to our Back pain Treatment in the AyurAvani Campus in Trivandrum.

These warning signs are important indication that a compression of the spinal cord or the nerves which branch out from it is occurring due to some damage. Thus early treatment is most necessary especially to avoid a permanent.

Keep in mind that backaches are rarely consequences of serious illness and hence they get settled in a few days.

Some Home Tips to ease your back pain

  • Engaged in regularly activity is surely beneficial. Stay active and continue your regular movements even within the constraints of your pain. This aids to ready the muscles to support the spine.
  • Being in the warm is important be it bathing in warm water or eating a hot soup.
  • Sleep on a firm, flat surface with no sagging.
  • Avoid sitting on low chairs and always maintain good posture.

As always, in case of chronic back pain it is always advisable to go for the green way of treatments.

A structured exercise course, tailored with respect to the person and to a period of up to 12 weeks can be really helpful, but strictly under the consultation of a qualified Ayurvedic doctor.

A course of Ayurvedic therapy for one week is a minimum requisite.

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