Bulging Disc

The first thing about Bulging discs is that this is a condition that is majorly asymptomatic. Also known as a disc protrusion, it is actually a very common occurrence in our society.

Bulging is a condition occurring in the back, around the vertebrae, that can actually cause pain and disability in the other parts of the body too.

On ageing, the outermost fibre-like portion of our discs can lose strength. Then, the pressure from the central core of the disc can travel to the outer rim of the spine and result in a bulge of the disc. The pain is caused when the disc bulge compress a nearby nerve root or the spinal cord causing pain.

Once this befalls an individual and is left untreated, the condition can worsen - the disc can continue to bulge till it tear, and then such a condition is called as a herniated disc.

The reality is that a lot of people may be suffering from a bulging disc right now but realising it because the symptoms does not always show.

This condition can remain unnoticed as long as the bulging disc does not press against an adjacent nerve. It is only when the bulging disc cause a pinched nerve that you may begin to experience pain. And once you start experiencing symptoms, it is not at all necessary that it be anywhere in the back.

As far as a pinch in the lower back is concerned, the bulging disc can cause pain that can start from there and travel to the hips, buttocks, legs and feet. Nearly 90 percent of bulging discs befall the lower back of the spine.

If the bulge affects the cervical spine, pain can radiate from the neck, through the arm and down to the fingers.

If you are bothered that you’re showing signs of a bulging disc, you should take the time to visit the Bulging Disc treatment kiosk at AyurAvani in Trivandrum.

What cause you a Bulging Disc?

Understanding the causes of bulging discs can help you avoid painful symptoms arising from them. Bulging discs is mostly related to increasing age and hence unavoidable.

But excluding activities that speed up the incidence of disc bulge is the best we can do for a safe health.

The first care you should always take is to protect your back when lifting heavy objects and while doing routine works like washing clothes especially in women.

For a stable health, make it a habit to use good posture always.

Ayurveda is all about maintaining a good diet and a stable and healthy weight. It will save your spine from pressure.

On top of it, exercise regularly to strengthen your core muscles, built enough to support your body weight.

Treatment – the green way the right way!!

As soon as the diagnosis of a symptomatic bulging disc is confirmed, the immediate steps suggested to you will be those to relieve symptoms and pain. This will include rest, warm compresses, massages and herbal medication.

Most of the time, symptoms arising from a bulging disc will abate with this conservative treatment – which itself include strict diet, daily massage and herbal treatments. A surgery in the spine region is always a risky case and mostly unneeded.

Contact our dedicated team at the back pain clinic at the AyurAvani centre in Trivandrum if you feel you feel that you might have a bulging disc.

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