Indian influence on taking Yoga to the world

Indian influence on taking Yoga


Indian influence on taking Yoga to the world cannot be debated. Yoga originated in India, without an iota of doubt. And it spread across the world, due to India’s efforts and Influence. Yoga practice started in Ancient India. Yoga is a set of exercises involving deep breathing and a multitude of Asanas. Yoga and Ayurveda have been practiced in India, from the last 5000 years. It was passed on from one generation to the other. Yoga has multiple benefits. It makes a person fit, strong, and energetic. It helps in controlling one’s mood and emotions.

The Indian government in the United Nations General Assembly introduced a resolution in 2015, proposing June 21st as International Yoga day. Because of this, many countries have started looking at Yoga with a new understanding. Recently an international conference on Yoga was done in Rishikesh. And it had participants and delegates coming from many countries of the world.

Yoga centers have been opened in Latin America too. Nowadays, Indian culture is being admired in the west, and one of the reasons for it is Yoga. Which was once the domain of Indian sages and seers, is now been practiced everywhere. People are finding it easy and enriching. Many lifestyle diseases can be cured by practicing yoga regularly. The disturbing trend of young people resorting to suicide due to stress can also be stopped if one practices Yoga regularly.

Many people find Yoga easy and comfortable to be done with. All you need is some space and a Yoga mat. Now you can find many westerners, becoming Yoga teachers everywhere. Yoga is not directly connected to any specific religion and should not be seen in a myopic view. It asks everyone to take part in bringing their body, mind, and soul in unison with each other. Yoga has been the best cultural export of India to everyplace in the world.

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