Countering the heat, Ayurvedically

dehydration prevention using herbal water

Summer is going to be harsh. It is just a beginning. So, one of the main issues that you need to be alerted against is dehydration. It has been noticed that even if you drink plenty of water, you feel tired on a hot, sultry day, isn’t it? This is because dehydration has already set in and started affecting your body cells. The clear indications of dehydration are sluggishness, a foggy head, headaches and increased acidity in the body.

One should know how to rehydrate quickly and effectively to counter this scenario. According to ancient Ayurveda texts, it will take around six hours for normal drinking water to get absorbed into the body system, that too only if the body system is clean. On the other hand, there are ways in Ayurveda to make water sharper and more penetrating, so that it is capable of reaching deeper tissues in lesser time and rehydrate the body more effectively.

Make Water Rehydrate You

Ayurveda recommends boiling water for some time to make it more efficient in rehydrating. To make it even better, hot herbalised water can be more effective in summer, as it not just rehydrates, but opens up channels within the body, clears the mucus and toxin build up inside. In comparison to the normal water, herbalised water will take only one and a half hours to get absorbed into the system.

Herbalised water can be prepared quite easily. First one has to bring two quarts of water to boil in a stainless steel pan. It is better not to use aluminium for this. After boiling for two to four minutes, half a teaspoon each of coriander seeds and whole fennel and two slices of ginger root should be added. The water should be allowed to stay thus for 10 minutes so that the medicinal qualities of the added spices are released. After that, spices can be strained out and used.

This water can quench thirst, improve digestion, remove toxins and open up the channels. It will bring down sluggishness and prepare your body to face the day more energetically.

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